Partial halal menu.
Cross-contamination procedures in place.
Alcohol and music present.
Full breakdown


Date of first inspection: 26/11/2023 | Last update: 28/11/2023 | Physical site inspected: Kensington

Full Breakdown

Partial halal menu
Most halal items marked on menu
Vegetarian options available
Alcohol served
Meat, Poultry & Seafood supply checks
Halal meats served:

  • Beef
  • Veal/ Minced Veal
  • Chicken

Veal/ Minced Veal:


Cross-contamination checks
LOW risk of cross-contamination with non-halal meats:

Non-halal meats are:

  • Pork
Halal meats are grilled/ cooked/ prepared separately
Two meat slicers on site, one for halal and one for non-halal meat
In the restaurant, general care is taken to ensure no cross-contamination
All pizzas cooked in same pizza oven
Dishware washed using high temp industrial dishwasher
Alcohol sold on premises
Visible bar area/ alcohol on show
Parties are not required to not share tables
Virgin bar drinks available
Liqueur used in Tiramisu, however, one can request a non-alcoholic Tiramisu
Bar/ alcohol on show
Music present
Simple decor with no profanities
Family friendly
Semi-outdoor seating available


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ingredient clarifications

ItemIngredient to note
TiramisuContains Liquor as standard- ask for it without alcohol
Parmesan ShavingsAWAITING CONFIRMATION- may contain animal rennet
Spaghetti VongoleComes with optional white wine sauce- ask for it to be removed

Map of locations & list of nearest places to pray

BranchNearest place to pray
KensingtonQatar Medical Office Mosque

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