With over 3.3 million Muslims in the UK (1.28 million in London alone), capturing the halal market has become an aim for all industries, including the food & leisure sector.

The majority of restaurants in the UK have partial halal menus, with non-halal items including pork, alcohol & other meats on the menu. Issues of cross-contamination, haram ingredients and alcohol on site are often overlooked by those who have no education on the halal sector, with many of these venues still advertising as halal to capture the halal market. There is also an increase in Muslim ‘influencers’ promoting such restaurants as halal, often through word of mouth, with no thorough checks made.

These restaurants also fall in the grey area of being unregulated by any certification body, who simply do not with to certify restaurants that do not adhere to their strict criteria, thereby missing all partially halal venues. This is where HFL comes in.

Our halal certification is one of a kind. Other halal certifications assess only against their school of thought, thereby disregarding the opinions of other Muslims. In addition, they do not certify vendors that also serve non- halal products, thereby missing the majority of vendors.

We have also built a reputation amongst halal consumers in the UK and globally through our @HalalFoodLondon accounts, with followers including both residents and tourists. This is key for the marketing service which is included with our certification.

We give both restaurants and consumers the confidence that what they are serving & eating complies with their standard of halal.

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