Halal chicken, halal steak and many fish options available.
Cross-contamination procedures are observed.
Alcohol and music present on site.
Full breakdown


Date of first inspection: 31/08/2022 | Last update: 14/09/2022 | Physical site inspected: Notting Hill branch

Full Breakdown

Partial halal menu
Halal items not marked, but servers are aware
Halal should be requested at time of order
Meat, Poultry & Seafood supply checks
All chicken is halal, beef Ribeye steak is halal, many fish options
Chicken is halal
Chicken is stunned
Chicken is from Belgium
Beef steak Ribeye is halal
Beef is stunned
Beef is from Brazil
Fish: Red Snapper, Tuna, Cod served
Fish is sustainably sourced
Fish is MSC Certified
Sustainable seafood coalition certified
Organic food federation certified
RSPCA assured
Chicken gravy used in chicken dish is halal 
Certificates and packaging available to view here
Cross-contamination checks
LOW risk of cross-contamination with non-halal meats
Non-halal items include pork sausage (brunch menu) and non-halal steak
Food items handled with designated equipment

Halal items cooked separately:

Halal chicken & steak are cooked on a separate half of the grill, but no grill dividers

Fried items are either fish or vegetarian e.g. fries, with no mixing of the oil with non-halal contaminants

Pork for brunch cooked only on weekends and equipment cleaned after

Good separation of ingredients in storage
Halal chicken & beef are stored separately in designated areas
Plates and cutlery washed using high temp industrial dishwasher
Alcohol sold on premises
Prominent bar area
Parties do not share tables
Virgin drinks menu available
Separate equipment/ cross-contamination procedures observed when making virgin drinks
Brandy used in Peppercorn sauce deeming it haram
Poached Pear dessert is poached in wine deeming it haram
Head chef is well aware of what constitutes halal food
Music present on sites
Large bar area
Simple decor with no obscenities
Private area will soon be available to book


Red crossed items are haram, orange marked items contain differed upon ingredients (see below table)

Differed upon ingredients

ItemIngredient used
Green SaladApple cider vinegar
Lemon SpaghettiniParmesan
Ackee & Saltfish AranciniParmesan
Mushroom on Toasted BriocheParmesan
Superfood salad and Orange DressingParmesan served on the side
Residency Caesar saladParmesan
Truffle & Parmesan butter (steak sauec)Parmesan
Chimichurri sauce (steak sauce)Red Wine vinegar

Map of locations & list of nearest places to pray

BranchNearest place to pray
Notting HillWestfield Prayer Room

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