A luxury, alcohol free chocolate brand
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Date of first inspection: 09/10/2022 | Last update: 20/10/2022 | Physical site inspected: N/A

Full Breakdown

Full halal menu
Products are produced in Belgium, Netherlands
First luxury chocolate brand to focus on non-alcoholic chocolates
Meat, Poultry & Seafood supply checks
None used in any products
Cross-contamination checks
Production sites are certified for the BRC and/or the IFS quality management systems which ensures no cross-contamination
No drinking alcohols used in products
There may be an ethanol base for some of the vanilla flavouring used in the chocolates
Products are purchased online & delivered to purchasee’s address


Item nameContains
Assorted Mini Chocolate BoxCheesecake love, Coffee Caramel Kiss, Ọsan, Amaretti
Milk Chocolate Mini BoxEpa, Amaretti, Hazelnut Cookies, Ayọ̀
Chocolate Coffee- The Taster Gift BoxOṣupa, Coffee Mousse, Coffee Caramel Kiss, Caramel Latte, Brazil Santos, Qahwa
Dark Chocolates- The Taster Gift BoxỌsan, Starry Night, Dreamy Ganache, Dark Delight, Double Chocolate, Bresilienne
Assorted Chocolates- The Taster Gift BoxCheesecake Love, Coffee Caramel Kiss, Ọsan, Amaretti, Hazelnut Cookies, La Dame Blanche, Maple Syrup, Forbidden Love
Milk Chocolate- The Taster Gift BoxEpa, Amaretti, Amélie, La Dolce Vita, Hazelnut Cookies, Gold Dust, Ayọ̀, Maple Syrup
Chocolate Truffles- The Taster Gift BoxOṣupa, Butterscotch, Gold Dust, Dark Delight, Cheesecake Love, Forbidden Love, Creamy Surprise, Hazelnut Explosion
Milk Chocolate BallotinEpa, Layered Goodness, Amélie, Caramel Volcano, Milk & Chocolate, Feuilletine, Nougat Surprise, Gold Dust, Maple Syrup, Salted Caramel Love, La Dolce Vita, Ayọ̀, Gianduja, Amaretti, Hazelnut Cookies
Chocolate Truffle BallotinOṣupa, Butterscotch, Gold Dust, Dark Delight, Milk Truffle, Cheesecake Love, Creamy Surprise, Forbidden Love, Arabica, Hazelnut Explosion
Assorted Chocolate BallotinỌsan, Layered Goodness, Amélie, Caramel Volcano, Cheesecake Love, Amaretti, Brazil Santos, Maple Syrup, Dark Caramel, Salted Caramel Love, Coffee Caramel Kiss, Forbidden Love, La Dame Blanche, The Count, Gianduja, Hazelnut Cookies

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