Halal fried chicken with multiple branches.
All food is halal .
Alcohol and music present at all sites.
Full breakdown


Date of first inspection: 30/06/2023 | Last update: 02/04/2023 | Physical site inspected: Baker Street

Full Breakdown

Full halal food menu
Vegan options available
All sites follow the same protocol
Meat, Poultry & Seafood supply checks
All chicken is halal, no other meats are served
Chicken is certified by multiple bodies as different suppliers
All certifications available to view in store, or click here to view
Chicken is likely stunned
Chicken is from Poland and the UK
Cross-contamination checks
NO risk of cross-contamination with non-halal meats, as none on site
Dishware washed using high temp industrial dishwasher
Alcohol sold on premises, canned beers only
Canned beers stored in fridge, opened only by customer
No bar areas
Parties are not required to share tables
No alcohol on show
Music present at all sites


Click here for menu

ingredient clarifications

ItemIngredient to note
Korean Glaze dipContains Uchibori Rice Vinegar, and Ssamjang with an alcohol preservative
Hot Sauce dipContains distilled vinegar & cider vinegar
Samurai Sauce dipContains White Wine Vinegar & Distilled vinegar
Buttermilk & Herb dipContains White Wine Vinegar & Spirit Vinegar
Gochujang Mayo DipContains Ethyl Alcohol

Map of locations & list of nearest places to pray

BranchNearest place to pray
Baker StreetRegent’s Park Mosque
CamdenRegent’s Park Mosque
SohoMuslim World League
Notting Hill GateWestfield Prayer Room
PutneyThe Fazl Mosque London

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