Full halal-friendly Menu

Bagel Buns

Item NameHalal Status
Plain Bagel BunHalal-Friendly
Multigrain Bagel BunHalal-Friendly
Poppy Seed Bagel BunHalal-Friendly
Raisin & Cinnamon Bagel BunHalal-Friendly
Cheese & Jalapeño Bagel BunHalal-Friendly

Spread Bagels

Item NameHalal Status
Cream Cheese BagelHalal-Friendly
Marmite BagelHalal-Friendly
Peanut Butter BagelHalal-Friendly
Strawberry Jam BagelHalal-Friendly
Peanut Butter and Toffee BananaHalal-Friendly
Raspberry Cream Cheese and BlueberryHalal-Friendly

Breakfast Bagels

Item NameHalal Status
Bacon Bagel NOT HALAL (contains Bacon)
Bacon and Egg Bagel NOT HALAL (contains Bacon)
Sausage Bagel NOT HALAL (contains Pork)
Vegan Sausage BagelHalal-Friendly
Sausage and Egg Bagel NOT HALAL (contains Pork)
Breakfast Melt Bagel NOT HALAL (contains Pork)
Veggie BreakfastHalal-Friendly

Veggie Bagels

Item NameHalal Status
Vegan BBQ BangerHalal-Friendly
– Pickled onion contains spirit vinegar
Halloumi Melt BagelHalal-Friendly
– Halloumi uses a non-animal rennet
– Mint Yoghurt contains spirit vinegar
Vegan Cream Cheese Stack BagelHalal-Friendly
– Vegan mayo contains spirit vinegar

Seafood Bagels

Item NameHalal Status
The Classic BagelHalal-Friendly
– Salmon is sustainably farmed in the Atlantic
Salmon & Avo Bagel

– Salmon is sustainably farmed in the Atlantic
– Mayo contains spirit vinegar

Tuna Mayo BagelHalal-Friendly
– Tuna mayo contains spirit vinegar
Seafood Club Bagel

– Contains prawn and crab (crustaceans) which some sects deem impermissible
– Mayo contains spirit vinegar

Deli Bagels

Item NameHalal Status
Chicken Club BagelNOT HALAL (Contains Bacon)
Spicy ChickenHalal-Friendly
– Chicken is certified by The Central Islamic Council of Thailand
– Chicken origin is Thailand
– Chicken is stunned
– Jalapeños & pickled red onion contain spirit vinegar
Reuben Pastrami BagelNOT HALAL (Pastrami is neither Halal nor Kosher)
Salt Beef Melt BagelNOT HALAL (Salt Beef is neither Halal nor Kosher)
Smoky Pulled PorkNOT HALAL (Contains Pork)

Mini Bagels

Item NameHalal Status
Mini Vegan Cream Cheese Stack BagelsHalal-Friendly
– Vegan mayo contains spirit vinegar
Mini Cream Cheese BagelsHalal-Friendly
Mini Bacon BagelNOT HALAL (Contains Bacon)
Mini the Classic bagelHalal-Friendly
– Salmon is sustainably farmed in the Atlantic
Mini Raspberry Cream Cheese & Blueberries BagelsHalal-Friendly
Mini Peanut Butter & Toffee Banana BagelsHalal-Friendly
Partial halal menu.
Low risk of cross-contamination.
No alcohol served.
Full breakdown
Locations & salah


Date of first inspection: 29/01/2024 | Last update: 13/02/2024 | Physical site inspected: Liverpool Street

Full Breakdown

Partial halal menu
Vegan and vegetarian options
Vegan, Vegetarian & Gluten Free options available
All sites follow the same protocol
Meat, Poultry & Seafood supply checks

Halal animal products served:

  • Chicken
  • Salmon
  • Tuna



  • Scottish Smoked Salmon
  • Salmon is sustainably fished
  • Salmon origin is the Atlantic


  • No further information available
Cross-contamination checks

LOW risk of cross-contamination with non-halal meats:

Non-halal meats are:

  • Pulled Pork
  • Pastrami
  • Salt Beef
All items are stored in the same preparation area, in open containers
Halal items are prepared in a separate halal tray, per customer request, to avoid cross-contamination
Vegetarian & vegan items are made on a designated tray
Gloves are changed between each bagel
No Alcohol sold on site
Simple kiosks and sites, with no profanities
Music may be playing at some sites


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ingredient clarifications

ItemIngredient to note
Sliced Pickled GherkinsContain spirit vinegar
French’s MustardContain spirit vinegar

Map of locations & list of nearest places to pray

BranchNearest place to pray
WestminsterRoyal Festival Hall Prayer Room
Liverpool Street

BBC Community Centre Mosque

Covent GardenMuslim World League
SouthamptonSouthampton Central Mosque
Luton AirportLuton Airport Prayer Room
Grand CentralNew Street Train Station Multi-Faith Room
Ealing BroadwayWest London Islamic Centre
Eldon SquareJamia Newcastle
London BridgeGuy’s Hospital Prayer Room
St. Stephen’s Shopping CentreHull Mosque & Islamic Centre
Kingsgate Shopping CentreMasjid Usman
McArthur Glen Designer OutletMcArthur Glen Designer Outlet Prayer Room
St Paul StreetAlbion St Prayer Room
The Light CinemaAlbion St Prayer Room
Leeds StationAlbion St Prayer Room
White Rose Shopping CentreWhite Rose Prayer Room
Waverley StationEdinburgh Central Mosque
Arndale Shopping CentreArndale Shopping Centre
Spinningfields City CentreManchester Islamic Centre
Marylebone StationLondon Central Mosque Trust
Waterloo StationBaitul Aziz Islamic Cultural Centre
Praed Street PaddingtonEdgware Road Mosque
Excel Exhibition CentreExcel London Prayer Room
Canary Wharf StationCW Prayer Room
Oxford CircusMuslim World League

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